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Spring and Summer Term 2021

Sadly due to a second national lockdown, most of our children learned from home for the majority of the Spring term. But we didn't let that stop us from working hard and meeting daily (online of course!) for our learning. 

Here are just a few things that Class 3 got up to in the Spring term:

As part of our science based topic, pupils made discoveries about different inventions throughout history. Some were simple inventions such as a spoon to more complicated inventions such an electric toaster.  In our science at home, as part of our materials topic we looked at making plastic from vinegar and milk! The children thoroughly enjoyed this work and shared some wonderful discoveries in our daily online lessons. 

In literacy we looked at poetry and shared the Highway Man by Alfred Noyes. Although a sad poem, pupils enjoyed reading and discussing this piece of classical poetry. The next poem we looked at was a modern poem by Kit Wright called The Magic Box. Pupils were inspired to write their own Magic Box poems and I think we gave Kit Wright a run for his money!  We also wrote our own 500 words stories, despite BBC Radio 2 not holding the competition this year. We hope to be able to run a competition within school for the children. 

Since returning to school on 8th March, the pupils have been learning about a Mission to Mars and studied the Mars Rover footage. Pupils were challenged to think about the different items they would take for their mission to Mars in the future. This has complemented our science topic this term of Space! 

Continuing with the space theme we are finding out about the genre of science fiction and, with the help of Dr Who, we hope to be able to write our own sci-fi stories. 

In maths pupils have been getting to grips with fractions, decimals and percentages as well as focusing on the four operations and written methods. 

Pupils have worked hard in what has been a challenging and unusual term. We hope that the summer term brings less disruption and we are able to stay in school.