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Safer Internet Day 2021

As we were all learning remotely for Safer Internet Day, we felt it was very important to teach the children about where information comes from and that it might not always be true.  We then taught them about the different ways that we could check if it was true or not.

Ask a trusted adult

Look it up in a book

Look on another website

We also talked about not believing everything that you might be told or read.

We used resources from Purple Mash and started by listening to a story on Purple Mash called Detective Digiduck.  After the story we looked at some fact cards about animals, and talked about how we might know something is true, false or an opinion.  After the lesson the children were asked to make a Digiduck mask and a set of fact cards about anything they wished, but there had to be a true fact, a false fact and one that would be an opinion.

We have added some of the masks and fact cards made.  We shared there during another lesson and wore our masks, we were Fact Detectives.  Then using Purple Mash the children completed a quiz to consolidate what they had learnt previously.  They then finished with making a fact card on Purple Mash.