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School Sports in Autumn

Fabulous partaking and results in sports this autumn.

The children have had a fantastic term with their sporting achievements this term. All KS2 children ran at the cross-country race at Framlingham College. They were all brilliant and received good placings, with 3 pupils qualifying for the finals. Well done to Eddie, Alfie and Eva-Rose. 

The Football tournament was up next at Hartismere High School. It was a chilly day but all the children played brilliantly drawing on their first three matches and scoring closely to the other teams in their final three matches ending up in 4th place. 

Finally, this term we attended the rugby tournament held at Thomas Mills High School. We had a small team and had to rotate every half a match. We only had two girls, Maria and Jemimah, who under the rules had to play every match; a total of 7 games! They all played brilliantly together showing great teamwork and skills to win every match to take 2nd place. This was a fantastic achievement as a lot of the other school who we competed against were much larger schools.

All of the children at all the events showed great teamwork, friendship and support. We are  incredibly proud of all the children at every event. Well done to everyone who took part in any of the sports this term.